2020 Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Sapa Package


About Motorcycle Tours of Vietnam

A new chapter in the life of MotoExpress with an exciting partnership with the foremost motorcycle tour company in Vietnam ONYABIKE Adventures

Ride the best bikes for Vietnam. ONYABIKE Adventures have mapped out the best routes in the country so you see some of the country’s most spectacular scenery. You’re in good hands with licensed guides and a fully insured company.

ONYABIKE Adventures was established by a group of motorcycle professionals and travel experts who want to give you the adventure of a lifetime. I loved exploring Vietnam during the time I was with them and I want you to experience such adventures.

The very high level of professionalism that ONYABIKE Adventures has brought to the Vietnam Motorcycle Touring scene has encouraged us to introduce our first MotoExpress Motorcycle Tour of Vietnam in 2020. The tour will commence after the the first ever F1 Grand Prix in Vietnam. The tour is titled Adventure to Sapa. An exclusive MotoExpress motorcycle adventure tour to the exciting mountain township of Sapa. The fully inclusive 6 day tour starts and finishes in Hanoi and follows the most amazing route through mountains and small hill tribe villages. Linda and I will be on the tour and we really hope you can join us on a tour of a lifetime.

We encourage you to visit the ONYABIKE Adventures website and join their entertaining Facebook Group. Don’t worry if you cant join our tour this year. There will be other opportunities to come. If you cant wait to our next tour to come around book direct with ‘ONYABIKE Adventures’ on one of their many exciting tours options.


MotoExpress Vietnam Motorcycle Tour

6 Day Riding Tour – Adventure to Sapa

An exclusive MotoExpress motorcycle adventure tour to the exciting mountain township of Sapa. The fully inclusive 6 day tour starts and finishes in Hanoi and follows the most amazing route through mountains and small hill tribe villages.


Start Tour Ride – Hanoi 6th April 2020

End Tour Ride – Hanoi 12th April 2020

Accommodation – Hotels - Double or Twin rooms On the tour you’ll stay at a unique blend of accommodation styles including farm stays, local family-run lodging, and well-appointed, comfortable hotels.

Total Riding Distance Approx. 800km

Bikes – Royal Enfield Himalayan (410cc) or Braaap ST250 Café (250cc)



Arrival in Hanoi

Our Team will meet you at the Airport. We will take you to your Hotel and allow some time to relax. Later, we will come back to the hotel for a rider briefing and a chance to see the bikes. We can also complete any outstanding paperwork.

Then we head out to one of the special picked local restaurants to share traditional Vietnam food to get you started on the Vietnam adventure.

Day 1

Hanoi to Mai Chau — Approx. 200km

Although the traffic in Hanoi gets really busy, we’ll start at the edge of the city and quickly leave the traffic behind and enter the countryside towns to the south.

After a couple of hours of small towns and farmland, you can see the mountains ahead.

As we enter the area of the White Thai tribe we’ll stop for some hill tribe style lunch in a traditional wooden-framed building.

As the road twists through the jungle-covered mountain, we’ll continue further into the mountains.

A stop at the top of White Rock Mountain will give a stunning view across the Mai Chau Valley, set amongst small villages of wooden stilt houses and traditional farming families. There, you can watch the sunset over the rice paddies and mountains.

Day 2

Mai Chau to Son La — Approx. 250km

Leaving Mai Chau, we’ll get a great view over the vast Hoa Binh lake. Then it’s off to a hidden waterfall for a photo followed by the high mountain roads of Moc Chau around the hundreds of tight bends and steep cliffs.

We’ll stop for White Thai style food for lunch at a local restaurant before heading down a beautiful valley to reach the banks of the giant Da river lake, which we’ll cross by ferry.

The road twists and turns its way along the banks of the lake past small fishing and farming villages. Expect to see the local people using small horses to carry their goods to market.

Finally, we’ll pass back over the river and into rice farming areas as we make our way to our hotel at Son La.

Day 3

Son La to Mu Cang Chai — Approx. 90km

Today is a short ride, which we should complete in the morning.

We are riding through steep mountains and small hill tribe villages with views of stepped rice paddies everywhere.

After crossing the Da River one final time, we enter the area around Phu Luong mountain. The main peak towers over the valley at 2985 meters and its jungle covered slopes are an impressive sight. This area has only been accessible by road for a short time, and the local tribes people are likely to take an interest in us as we pass by.

The road takes us right across the top of the impressive Nam Chien Dam, with great views of the reservoir behind. We’ll arrive at our traditional ‘Hmong’ tribe style accommodation, a wooden stilt house surrounded by rice paddies and mountains, in time for a traditional lunch.

In the afternoon we have free time to relax and enjoy the scenery, or even have a cold drink at the bar!

Our evening meal will be Hmong style food.

Day 4

Mu Cang Chai to Sapa — Approx. 140km

The mountains get bigger and the road gets windier as we carry on north.

We can take a short detour to visit Tac Tinh waterfall. With a 130meter cascade it is an awesome, and little known sight.

We’ll finally come to the incredible O Quy Ho pass, the biggest climb of our tour. We’ll stop at the top, at 2035 meters elevation, and enjoy some fresh tea and dried buffalo meat with the local hill tribe folk who live up there.

As we come down the other side of the mountain, we’ll stop for photos at the impressive 100 meter Silver Waterfall.

Continuing on, we’ll get views over the amazing Cat Cat valley and Vietnam’s highest mountain, Fan Si Pan.

Finally, we’ll arrive in Sapa, and then the afternoon is free to explore the town.

Day 5

Sapa adventure day — Approx. 0km

Today is a free day to explore the town and visit the local markets.

There are also many trekking and cultural tours on offer in Sapa. You’ll have the option to visit the world’s longest cable car ride to the top of Fan Si Pan mountain at 3140 meters, the highest point in Vietnam.

Day 6

Sapa to Lao Cai & Hanoi — Approx. 120km

We’ll set off north on small winding roads through the most remote areas of the mountains. After passing just a few small towns and villages we will reach the Chinese border where the Red River enters Vietnam and starts its journey down to Hanoi.

Following the river along the Chinese border down to the busy border town of Lao Cai, we’ll have lunch and a celebratory beer in Lao Cai to mark the end of our ride. From here we’ll travel in comfort on the VIP mini-van down to Hanoi.

The Bikes

Best Adventure Motorcycle For Vietnam: The Royal Enfield Himalayan

Every riding adventure requires a worthy and reliable steed of steel; a motorcycle prepared to go where the rider takes it. The best motorbike that can be found in Vietnam.

When going on an adventure tour, you’ll need a ‘bike that’s practical, fun to ride, and dependable. And for riding in Vietnam, no iron horse is more worthy than the Royal Enfield Himalayan 400.

Royal Enfield’s Adventure ‘Bike Royal Enfield’s Himalayan 400 entered the market only a few years ago. It is the first of many new ‘bikes that will enhance their reputation as the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. Production started in 1901 and is still going strong!

The Royal Enfield Classic has long been part of many Himalayan adventure tours. So the company decided to make a ‘bike specially designed for the task, hence, the Himalayan 400. Released in 2016, the Himalayan soon established a reputation as a rugged, sensible and affordable alternative to the overloaded behemoths that rival factories were produced.

The Himalayan: the Best Motorbike in Vietnam

The 2019 Royal Enfield Himalayan is powered by a 411-cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine that produces 24.5 BHP and 32 NM of torque. The new engine comes with fuel injection and is fuel-efficient, doing 35km – 40km/l depending on riding conditions. The Himalayan’s engine is the same original engine from its first release. However, it is now smoother, much more refined, and gives better gear shifts.

The Himalayan has a top speed of 134 km/h and a 0 – 100 time of 10.9 seconds. Now that may not be impressive-sounding for most people, and they’re probably right. A lot of riders think that for a 400cc motorcycle, the Himalayan is pretty underpowered. They might be right when considering normal highway use, but it’s a different story when talking about Vietnam. We’ll get to the ‘bike’s performance and how it relates to riding in Vietnam later.

The Himalayan’s design polarises a lot of people and when you get a good look at the ‘bike, you’ll see why. The Himalayan adopts a modern look but is based on a classic design with a utilitarian theme. It’s boxy, angular, and it definitely stands out.

Not a lot of bikes compared to the Himalayan’s design, but it’s a Marmite/Vegemite situation for most: you either love it or hate it! A lot of people fall in love at first sight, others despise it. But most people’s doubts soon disappear once they’ve ridden the best motorbike in Vietnam for a few miles.

The Himalayan 400 comes with redesigned, more dirt-friendly footpegs and bigger redesigned mirrors. The ‘bike’s instrument panel is a stylistic mixture of analogue and digital gauges which include a speedometer, an odometer, a gear indicator, fuel indicator, a clock, trip meter, a thermometer, and even a compass.

The ‘bike also comes with a sturdy steel skid plate as standard, crash bars on the tank. This can also function as luggage anchor points, a centre stand for easier maintenance, and a rear luggage rack. Luggage would be a primary consideration when riding in Vietnam and choosing the right luggage for the Himalayan can improve your trip. Check out Onyabike Adventure’s luggage options article for riding in Vietnam.

Why Onyabike Adventures Chose the Himalayan

The Himalayan doesn’t have the power of a rocket ship, but the amount of torque this ‘bike provides is more than enough for actual real-world riding. In busy, crowded, city streets as well as off-road scenarios, torque is a rider’s best friend.

Some would protest about the lack of power and the lowish top speed of the motorbike. However, in Vietnam, this power is more than enough. Most locals ride mopeds anyway and traffic is slow, so driving around at 60 km/h would make you feel like you’re already moving fast. Additionally, the Himalayan’s sweet spot for speed is around 90 – 100 km/h but while riding in Vietnam, riders probably wouldn’t even get up to this speed.

The reason why Onyabike Adventures chose the Royal Enfield Himalayan as its trusted steel steed is because of the great off-road capability. The suspension and engine are tuned for off-road use but also produce good performance on the road and highway.

When riders think of adventure ‘bikes, they usually think tall, big, heavy, and intimidating. The Himalayan serves as the antithesis to this. Ergonomics on the bike is comfortable, and the upright seating and tall handlebars make it easy to stand up on the bike when moving around off-road.

The Himalayan is also an inexpensive motorcycle being one of the cheapest in its class. Servicing on the Himalayan is also a piece of cake. The oil, oil filter, and airbox are all easy to access. Valve clearance checks are also simple and quick. The Himalayan may have shorter intervals between servicing compared to other dirt ‘bikes or dual-sports. However, maintenance takes half the time and can easily be performed in your own garage.

Some riders say that the Himalayan is at an awkward spot in the dual-sport/dirt ‘bike category because it isn’t a full on adventure ‘bike or a lightweight dirt ‘bike. The Himalayan is neither of these, but it can also be either one. It’s light enough for the trails yet stable for long highway use. The Royal Enfield Himalayan is a reliable workhorse built to get riders to places in one piece.


Getting there

International Travel

The main airport in Hanoi is the Noi Bai International Airport. Travel time from airport to our event hotel is approximately 40 minutes. No matter what time of day you arrive you will find the vibrant travel scenes to be an essential part of the holiday. You can book airport transfers during the online booking of the event.


UK Passport Holders

Until 30 June 2021, ‘British Citizen’ passport holders travelling for tourism or business can enter Vietnam for up to a maximum of 15 days (inclusive of dates of entry and exit) without a visa. If you have a different type of British nationality – for example ‘British national (overseas)’ you’ll need to get a visa before entering Vietnam.

For visits of up to 30 days, you can get an e-visa online before you travel. Use of the e-visa is limited to certain entry/exit points which you must select at the time of application. E-visa is only applicable to ‘British Citizen’ passport holders. If you don’t have fixed travel plans, consider applying for a regular single entry visa from the nearest Vietnamese Embassy, which allows more flexibility.

All other Passport Holders

The easiest way for visitors to obtain a Vietnamese visa is to apply for a visa on arrival online at myvietnamvisa.com. You can complete your visa application in just a few simple steps, receive the visa approval letter by email in 3-5 working days and print out the documents to pick up the visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

Best Practice

You should also check Visa requirements with your airline to ensure compliance with the latest visa requirements. If you are flying into and out of different airports in Vietnam you should also seek confirmation of Visa requirements with your airline.

Circuit Transfers

Circuit transfers are include for Saturday and Sunday. Distance is 12 km and travel time is approximately 30 minutes.


Photos & videos from Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

During the race weekend we capture the spirit of the event in photos which we publish in the MotoExpress Photo Album for your lasting enjoyment.

On this Media section i have included some of my photos from my October 2019 Tour with OnYaBike Adventures. My daughter Kathryn accompanied me on the tour. I didn’t realise how much I needed this break. Riding the Royal Enfield Himalayan on day 1 through the busy city roads forced me to concentrate on sitting on the tail of the very experienced tour guide who’s name was Hawk (yes it’s his real name and he’s a thoroughly great guy). And as we left the city behind and started riding through the country side all my thoughts about work vanished and I had the best time ever. I enjoyed riding in sun, the rain, the early morning and the late afternoon. The tour was for me a revelation. The scenery was fantastic and the people we met along the way contributed to a memorable experience. My advice to you is join these guys at OnYaBike Adventures and have a blast.

OnYaBike Adventures are prolific posters of Media. Here are some samples. Start living the dream.

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What you’ve said

A new venture with new partners. We could have listed positive feedback from the positive postings on Trip Advisor, but we want this section to be reviews from MotoExpress guests. So you will have to wait until after our April 2020 tour for the feedback.


If you're looking to do a motorbike tour of Vietnam, I highly recommend Onyabike Adventures. I took a 2 day tour with them. I saw some of the most amazing views and enjoyed our stops along the way. They new exactly where to take us. You will experience seeing places in Vietnam that you can't imagine. The guides were outstanding and knew exactly where they were going and what they were doing. The drivers are highly qualified and dedicated to making sure you're safe and comfortable at all times. The Himalayan bikes are unbelievably comfortable. I will never forget this amazing experience of seeing parts of the beautiful country of Vietnam. Thank you to everyone at Onyabike Adventures for everything! This certainly won't be my last tour with you. What a great way to make memories and explore the unknown.


Best Adventure Yet!

Touring with Onyabike Adventures was the absolute highlight of my trip. They obviously put so much effort into finding unique ways to see the highlights of the Danang area. Feels so good to drive by the mass of tourists and go beyond to local spots which you basically have to yourself. I had so much fun with my driver Viet. He knew so much about the area and made me feel so safe and comfortable the whole time. Speaking of comfortable, the bikes are heavenly! I've done a few motorbike trips and this one is by far the absolute best one I have ever been on. The people, the bikes, the scenery - everything is fantastic!

Amanda - Calgary - Canada

We love feedback

We invite guests to return to this section after they have attended the race and to share their enjoyment of the event with others.  Send your feedback.




The price quoted on the MotoExpress website at time of booking is valid. Prices on our website can change from time to time due to external factors but that does change your price fixed at time of your booking.

A 40% tour deposit is required at time of Booking, balance payable 8 weeks prior to event date.


The Royal Enfield Himalayan Refundable security deposit is $1000 USD. Refundable Motorcycle Security deposit: $1000 USD can be paid in cash at the OnyaBike office. If paid in cash this will be refunded when the motorcycle is returned and checked at the end of your tour for potential damages. Alternatively a $1000 USD authorisation on your credit card can be made.

Copy of Original Passport with Vietnam Visa will be held by Onyabike Staff or Tour leader as required, until the Motorcycle is returned.


All riders must hold a valid licence for riding the Motorcycle CC capacity of the bike selected on the tour in Vietnam.

The Rider must be in possession of a valid International Motorcycle Drivers / Riders Permit.


All Guests are required to have their own personal travel insurance, prior to the tour departure. By completing the booking of the tour, you are warranting that you have personal travel insurance including, evacuation and motorcycle tour cover. A copy must be provided and sited at least 1 day prior to tour departure to our office. A personal injury waiver will be provided at arrival for each guest.


All guests must hold a valid passport from their country of origin. It is your responsibility to obtain a valid visa for Vietnam to cover your length of stay.


Equipment rental item:

  • Helmet - $15 per week
  • Jacket - $15 per week
  • Gloves - $5 per week
  • All 3 pack - $30 per week
  • Rainsuit, 20L dry bag for 15kg luggage only - provided free

Riding Safety equipment Purchases: To be completed at the tour office.

  • Helmet - $179
  • Jacket - $175
  • Gloves - $42
  • Rain gear - $52

Note: If rented items are damaged, they are then considered purchased and agreed by renter to purchase at the end of the tour, as above price list.

Transport: If customer terminates early in a city other than the departure city, the customer is responsible for the bike transport fee to our Danang office. approximately $200.00 USD TBC.


If the customer crashes or drops the Motorcycle, resulting in scratches, dents, damage to any parts and general damage to the Motorcycle, the customer agrees by signing a contract of agreement, they are responsible for repairs or replacement to be deducted from the deposit held by the tour operator Onyabike.

Approximate parts price list in USD:

  • Mirrors, clutch, brake levers and grips bar ends - $27
  • Dents and scratches - $65 Per part or area of plastic/metal affected, repair only
  • Handlebar - $125
  • Rims - $145
  • Suspension repair - upto $150
  • Bent forks/ suspension replacement - $800
  • Ignition Key Replacement - $27

Operating the Motorcycle: During the riding operation of the Motorcycle the licenced rider is responsible for all duty of care for themselves and others, and has agreed and signed a waiver in conjunction with this agreement and the terms of the waiver.


Onyabike Adventures Vietnam tours are not subject to weather for cancellation, unless In extreme and unlikely events a tour is required to be cancelled completely and we are unable to arrange a replacement date a 100% refund will apply.


If the booking is cancelled within 24 hours of the tour departure date or once the tour has departed: the fee is 100% of the tour price.

The booking is cancelled within 30 days of tour departure date: no refund of deposit.

If the booking is cancelled within 29 days of tour departure date: the fee is 100% of the tour price.

Package detail

Arrival Departure
Monday 6 April Sunday 12 April

What’s included

  • Experienced English-speaking tour guide
  • Good quality, top condition motorbike
  • All meals while on tou
  • Snacks, water & soft drinks while on tour
  • First aid kit
  • Accommodation fees during tour
  • Entry fees, tolls and other ‘on the road’ fees
  • Waterproof jacket & pants
  • 15L dry bag (if required)
  • Pick up & return to hotel (or airport)
  • Adventure & excitement
  • Support Van – for luggage, foods and members who want to join the tour without riding

Not included

  • Flights, travel, and station or airport transfers
  • Drinks and lunches