2020 Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Packages


A new chapter in the life of MotoExpress with an exciting partnership with the foremost motorcycle tour company in Vietnam ONYABIKE Adventures

Ride the best bikes for Vietnam. ONYABIKE Adventures have mapped out the best routes in the country so you see some of the country’s most spectacular scenery. You’re in good hands with licensed guides and a fully insured company.

ONYABIKE Adventures was established by a group of motorcycle professionals and travel experts who want to give you the adventure of a lifetime. I loved exploring Vietnam during the time I was with them and I want you to experience such adventures.

The very high level of professionalism that ONYABIKE Adventures has brought to the Vietnam Motorcycle Touring scene has encouraged us to introduce our first MotoExpress Motorcycle Tour of Vietnam in 2020. The tour will commence after the the first ever F1 Grand Prix in Vietnam. The tour is titled Adventure to Sapa. An exclusive MotoExpress motorcycle adventure tour to the exciting mountain township of Sapa. The fully inclusive 6 day tour starts and finishes in Hanoi and follows the most amazing route through mountains and small hill tribe villages. Linda and I will be on the tour and we really hope you can join us on a tour of a lifetime.

We encourage you to visit the ONYABIKE Adventures website and join their entertaining Facebook Group. Don’t worry if you cant join our tour this year. There will be other opportunities to come. If you cant wait to our next tour to come around book direct with ‘ONYABIKE Adventures’ on one of their many exciting tours options.

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Monday 6 April Sunday 12 April

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