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Motorcycle Tours of Vietnam

MotoExpress is delighted to announce a new partnership with ‘ONYABIKE Adventures’ for motorcycle tours of Vietnam. Background. My daughter Kathryn lived and worked in Vietnam teaching at an International school in Saigon. During her stay in Vietnam we visited many times and got to know a young Vietnamese American, Thu Nguyen. Thu is the co-founder and CEO of Christina’s, a fully-integrated travel company providing local experiences to people visiting Vietnam. A few weeks ago we visited Thu in Vietnam to talk about the Vietnam F1. Thu shares my passion for motorcycles and suggested that we combine business with pleasure with a week-long motorcycle adventure with ‘ONYABIKE Adventures’. Thu’s objective was to explore the potential of our three companies working together. I returned home feeling excited about the prospect of a adding not only the new Vietnam F1 but also Motorcycle tours of Vietnam to our 2020 line up.

ONYABIKE Adventures

ONYABIKE Adventures our partners in Vietnam – Ride the best bikes for Vietnam. We’ve mapped out the best routes in the country so you see some of the country’s most spectacular scenery. You’re in good hands with licensed guides and a fully insured company.

Onyabike Adventures was established by a group of motorcycle and travel experts who want to give you the adventure of a lifetime. They love exploring and want to share their adventures. With a diverse set of backgrounds, Onyabike Adventures’ team is knowledgeable, helpful, and personable.

We are so impressed by the professionalism of ONYABIKE Adventures and the tours they are able to offer that we strongly encourage you visit their fantastic website and join their Facebook groups. Book your chosen tour directly with ONYABIKE Adventures. They have plenty of tours and tour dates to choose from. Whether you are a single rider, rider and pillion combination or you just want to join a tour and ride on the back of a bike. They have an adventure for everyone.

Exclusive MotoExpress 2020 Tour

This tour has been specially designed for past and present MotoExpress guests to enjoy a fabulous exclusive tour of Vietnam. Ride solo or as a couple or ride on the back of one of the experienced guides motorcycles. It’s a friends reunited motorcycle tour like no other. Linda and I will riding with you. The timing of the tour means you could join our F1 Vietnam event and then join us on the this fun and friendly Motorcycle tour of Vietnam. Come on! Give it a GO.