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Melbourne F1 Grand Prix – Probably the most fun Grand Prix of the season

  Thursday, 21 March 2019

On January 1st 2019 Linda and I became Australian residents. So I guess you could say the Melbourne Grand Prix is now our home race. Our rural homestead in Australia is situated in the Golden Plains of Victoria a 90 drive minute to the Albert Park circuit. For this year’s (2019) F1 weekend we decided to stay at our daughter Kathryn’s Melbourne home, which is just a 20 minute ride to the circuit entrance on one of Melbourne’s famous trams . Not having to worry about hosting a MotoExpress group meant we could do what our guests always do on a MotoExpress event which is relax and chill out. And that is exactly what we did throughout the weekend.

The weather throughout the Grand Prix weekend was perfect with temperatures hovering around the top 20’s. Albert Park and its circuit wrapped around a shimmering lake with the backdrop of the Melbourne skyline looked absolutely fantastic. It really is an iconic venue. A perfect setting and introduction to the 2019 F1 season.

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Overtaking is vitally important to F1 so why is there so little of it?

  Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Without overtaking all we have to watch is a race where the cars go round and round for 90 minutes with the race winner being the pole sitter. And too many times over the last five seasons or so that has been the case. The cars finished roughly in the same position they qualified. The television pundits and media folk would talk excitedly to the drivers and team principals about what a fantastic race we just witnessed when in reality nothing at all happened. For some strange reason they think that we fans will be just as excited as they are. But we are not. We the fans will have paid around £400/£500 to sit in a grandstand to witness a procession, where absolutely nothing of note occurred.

I think overtaking is absolutely vital to the sport of F1. A successful overtake requires skill, bravery and generally a faster car. It is one of two things that make the fans jump out of their seats in excitement. A great overtake is remembered for ever. My own favourite is Nigel Mansell on Nelson Piquet, Silverstone 1987 and the subsequent track invasion. No doubt you have your own favourite. The second thing we love to see? Well that’s a spectacular crash.

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Road trip to Italy

  Monday, 16 June 2014

We drive our Landrover Discovery from Aylesbury in the UK to Ferrara in Italy on route to the 2014 Mugello MotoGP.

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