Latest News from MotoExpress

Due to the continuing Covid 19 disruptions, and with little or no clarity on when things will truly return to normal, we have decided that, at the present time, we shall not be announcing any new events until we have confidence that events can proceed without fear of cancellation or postponement.

We are still awaiting refunds of the monies we have paid out to circuits, ticket agents, hotels and other service providers for cancelled / postponed races and those races that took place but due to various governments travel restrictions we were unable proceed with.

Our ability to make refunds is entirely contingent on cash-flow and ourselves receiving refunds. How long it will take remains unknown and whether we will be successful is not guaranteed. I wish I could be more upbeat but after two years of this chaos we are at rock bottom and have lost much confidence in what the future holds.

When we have any news we will send updates on each of the cancelled and postponed events.